Can people buy Bitcoin easily? Yes! And here are 5 steps

There is nothing complicated in your life! If you are newbie on the crypto market or master of cryptocurrency who is looking for the best exchange rate for buying Bitcoin, we are on the same way! We are going to help you to do it fastly, simply ans safely! Le-e-ets go!

Install Trustee wallet on your smartphone

Follow the link to AppStore or Play Market depending on you operating system, download and install the app Trustee Wallet. It will take you less than 2 minutes!

Open the app

During the first launch Trustee generates the unique seed-phrase of 12/24 words which keeps all the important information on assets' using. It is important to save it in a trusted place, because this is the only way to recover the access to your cryptocurrencies in the case of smartphone's loss. You can read about the seed-phase and its' safe storing in details here.

Press the button "Buy"

Press the button "Buy" or "Sell" of you want to sell Bitcoin
Choose an appropriate cryptocurrency - Bitcoin - and enter the needed sum for buying (in crypto or fiat). There are some limitations in maximum or minimum amounts of buying/selling assets, but the app will tell you everything.

Choose your pair


The last step, where the magic starts

Add all the needed info about your credit card. Press "Buy BTC", and, voila, - in 30 minutes bitcoins are on your card.

We suppose we made everything very quickly

Really, you bought bitcoin even less then for 5 steps. No, we are not wizards - we are only learning - and we wiss our users are satisfied!

Refer friends, make money

A friend in court is better than a penny in purse! So you will earn more if you bring friends to us. Every friend will earn you 10% of his exchange commissions and that’s not all! Invite five friends to Trustee and get 10% cashback on your own exchange commissions.

Tired of sniffing around for the best exchange rate?

Our smart algorithm will choose the best exchange rate based on multiple factors. Sell and buy cryptocurrency with your credit card without any private information with the lowest fees!.

Sleep tight at night. Your coins are guarded!

All the important information is encrypted and srores only on your mobile device, which provides you the full control of cryptocurrencies' managing.

Seed phrase

Use the seed-phrase consisting of 24 words which stores all the information for recovering an access to your wallet in the case of loss or changing the device.

Privacy - is our credo!

We don't collect and save your data, don't have an access to your private keys and the seed-phrase. Privacy has never been so safe.

The safety of your assets is confirmed!

Trustee's security is verified by specialists of

We are looking for you!

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Meet the future of money

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