I forgot to save the seed-phrase, where can I find it?

Check menu Settings -> Back up the wallet

What will be with my assets if I lose my mobile device?

You need to instal Trustee Wallet on a new device and import the wallet with the help of the seed-phrase. Menu Settings -> Import the wallet.

Can I import seed-phrases from other wallets in Trustee Wallet?

Yes, you can import in Trustee Wallet the seed-phrases from Metamask, Coinomi, Atomic, Paytomat and other wallets. Our wallet supports seed-phrases of 12 and 24 words.

Where can I find private keys from coins' adresses?

In Trustee Wallet all the private keys are stored in the form of a seed-phrase. We deliberately excluded the opportunity of getting the private keys for assets' safety. You can get the private keys of seed-phrases with the help of this service https://iancoleman.io/bip39/ (Only for advanced users!). More info about a seed-phrase you can find in the video.

What is the wallet's fee for conversion?

The wallet's fee is 1,5% from the exchange's amount and is taken in UAN. The total fee consists of: Provider's fee+Trustee Wallet's fee. In average it is 2-3,5% depending on the operation, coin and the country of the card's issuing.

What will it be with my affiliate network if I lose a mobile device?

During the building of affiliate network users are linked to their seed-phrases, that is why during installation of Trustee Wallet and importing of your seed-phrase on a new device the affiliate network will be automatically renewed.

How can I withdraw cashbach and affiliate rewards?

Minimal sum to withdraw - $1, withdrawing is available in UAN on your card or in USDT on your wallet. Detailed information is available on a special website.

Where can I appeal if my assets are not received?

All the questions you can ask in our Telegram chat https://t.me/trustee_wallet - we try to answer quickly and to solve all the difficulties. We will be glad to receive feedbacks and comments as well.